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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hari Ke-28: A Bright Star

 안녕하세요 Eddie, Nicky, Flowsik Oppa and Jae Ajoussi!!!

First of all, I would like to say "새해 복 많이 받으세요"
Happy Chinese New Year for all Astar Land family members, 
and of course Aziaddicts all around the world! ^^

*updated news*
Congratulation for finally signing to Cash Money!! :D
Find the news about it here.

So now, going back to the point! :p

I'm prima and I'm from Indonesia.
I love Aziatix!
Simple enough, right? ;)

At the moment, there is a program called "Writing Love Letters in 30 Days" to celebrate Valentine's Day in Indonesia. We have to write a love letter everyday for somebody or something that, for sure. Haha. Most of my writings are in Indonesian language, I know. But I'm working for an animation studio, and most of my clients come from US and Europe. I've been learning Korean for these two years, but I can hardly speak Korean, so I think it's better to write a letter in English! I'll try my best to write this letter in good English!

Now I mumbling, sorry Oppa! ^^

So the story was started some months ago, when my senior in college introduced me to Aziatix. She said "go hear this group. REAL musician, you may not see topless guys or teen girls with mini skirt, but hey they're AWESOME" I watched "Slippin' Away" music video and I was awestrucked.

My first reaction was like, "where have I been?” Long time ago before I know K-pop, I grew up with American music just like most of Indonesian teenagers. Name it! Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, and many more. Well, there were times where I was crazy about Backstreet Boys, but that was along long time ago, I was still in elementary school so I think I can skip this :D

Back to that moment, then I searched Aziatix' Youtube channel and I was mesmerized by "Nothin' Compare to You", "Cold", but I looooooove "Go(Accoustic)” so much 'til I hear it over and over again.

These days, I'm listening to "Be With You" for my morning mood booster, and "Things I'd Like to Do with my Lover" on my way back home from the office.

So you can guess that I can't wait to hear Aziatix new album. I'm happy to read the news that Aziatix will launch new album in this first half of this year.

Last but not least, I have another purpose writing this letter. I, perhaps representing many many Aziaddicts all around Indonesia, really appreciate that you tweeted this “@AZIAddicts_ID Prayer goes out to all the flood victims in Jakarta...” on January 18th. That's really sweet!

And I guess it will be much sweeter if one day (and I hope this year! *crossfinger*) Aziatix make a showcase in Indonesia. \(´`)/

Trust me, Indonesia is a very beautiful country and it is a potential country to be considered to build Aziatix base fans. Indonesian fans are always militant! Just see Suju's Elf. Indonesian' Elf are the biggest in the world! 60% of Elf around the world is here in Indonesia! 2PM' Hottest too! Long time ago, only few Hottest in Indonesia. But after some performances, the number goes multiplying (and still counting!).

Okay, I am pretty aware that perhaps you aim another group of supporters, not that kind of ‘teenagers’. Just a thought ;) I think I have to make a different letter for Jae Ajoussi to explain the last paragraph and encourage him to bring Aziatix to Indonesia :p

So, once again, thank you for reading this (silly) love letter. Thank you for your time. Keep the spirit in making music. We will patiently wait and we know that the best is yet to come from you! Hwaiting!

Photo by @rizkafaradita, thanks! 


*special thanks to Aziaddicts Indonesia (@AziaddictsID), Aziaddicts Singapore (@aziaddictsSG), and Aziaddicts Thailand (@AziaddictsTH) who helped me to share the love! Aziatix ALL DIDDAY!

*the title is inspired by lines from Nothin' Compare To You*

Download this cartoon for free.
Just please tweet to me and my friend who draw this:
"Hi @primaditarahma and @HerrySis I just downloaded @Aziatix cartoon from your blog! ^^"

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4 komentar:

  1. I really have the same reaction with u when I first know about Aziatix ^^ n I also been listening to Aziatix on repeat on everyday basis.haha..I understand how u really want Aziatix to come to your country. I'm also hoping that Aziatix will do their Asia Tour n make a stop in your country, as well as mine, Malaysia =)#Aziatix All Day

  2. @Yanny: Thanks a lot sist :*

    @Norshazlin: YESSS! Asia Tour - or specifically ASEAN Tour, please! :D I was so like grumbled when I know that they went to Singapore for MAMA, but at that time I still didn't recognize Aziatix so okay lah~ This year Nicki Minaj (YMCMB musician) will make a concert in Indonesia. So, I really hope it opens the possibility of Aziatix too! ^^
    Anyway, thanks for your comment and have a nice day, Aziatix All Didday! ;)

  3. Wow. Minaj will make a concert in ur country?that is so awesome!! and,you are so right..since YMCMB are catering for international fans,I'm sure Aziatix's Asia Tour will come true one day. Never stop hoping.

    Welcome. I feel glad too that I can connect with Aziaddicts in other country. Peace :)


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