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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hari Ke-26: A Smile from Korea

This week my mom has got back to her routine activity: doing business trip to some cities in Indonesia. Well, I’ve been used to this condition since long time ago. I spent most of my college times living in the dormitory, and loneliness is not something that I can’t handle. But, around one and a half year ago when I decide to leave the dormitory and live in my own house in Malang, I suddenly feel that my house is too big for me myself. So I talked with some friends of mine and they suggested accepting an intern student from overseas.

I contacted the committee and waiting in patience, because my dad agree about it with one condition: the intern student must be a girl *of course* XD

If you know me, this story will not about the girl who finally stayed in my house for some weeks, story about her can be found here. But it’s about a girl that almost stayed in my house. Why almost? Because after some consideration, the committee think it will be better for her to live with a family, not with me. And also because I was a little bit late in registering so she already sticks with another house. But Nhung, please understand that I never regret to have you as the first intern in my house ;)

This girl is from Korea.
Ah, now you know why I write about her.

Yes, at that time, I just finished a half year of accompanying a Korean football player in Malang. So, I think I’m more than ready to have ‘another’ Korean in my life. I didn’t know how her host parents can contacted me because they heard I can speak Korean, while in fact, I can’t. But I still tried to teach her host parents some basic sentences in Korean, hope they used it :p

This girl is the most sincere girl I’ve ever met.
She always smile, I think I just saw her cry once…at the farewell party.
She is the center of attention of our group, and it’s not just because she is tall *something I really envy of* and pretty, but she is just like a bright sun.
When she is near, suddenly your day becoming much brighter.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I promise you she doesn’t pay me to speak like this.

But it’s true. I mean, she always think positively.
Even sometimes I myself really afraid if somebody can kidnap her because she doesn’t have any prejudice towards new people.

At least, this is the impression that I got from her. Surely I know some stories about her life in Korea, and Eonni, I will never ever forget about the story of taxi/police car. Everytime I remember that story, I just can’t stop laughing! Kkkkk.

So, some days ago I just received a letter from her, which is so sweet. I also still save a Big Bang post card from her, where she write in Hangeul but then close her letter with “wait, I don’t know how to spell xxxxx in Korean, ah I think I’m not good in Korean.”
-__________________________-“ how come Eonni?

Well I think that’s all for my story tonight. If in the first letter, I didn’t put too much photos, now please enjoy Three Idiots (me-Nhung from Vietnam-Sunhyung from Korea) best photos. And no, we are still not ready to launch our album or movie, if you ask XD

 Sunhyung - Febri (Sunhyung's buddy) - Me - Nhung
They accompanied me making photo for my university certificate, 
so we used our national clothes.
Wearing hanbok ^^
Everybody call her "sexy girl with big heart" :)

The best picture! In Prambanan Temple with Kim Yong Han Oppa :)

Our first photo, Nhung hasn't arrived yet. With intern students from China and Taiwan too ^^
First dinner with Nhung, also accompanied by Ephie ;)
Farewell dinner T.T

Our friendship symbol, bought in a trip to Yogyakarta.
Post card from Korea! ^^

Thanks for reading, sorry for my grammar and lack quality of photos :|
Oh, only God knows how much I miss you girls.
Hope our friendship will lasts forever. 


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