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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

About Being Real

Grammy Awards just finished and it leaves many stories, especially for the musician who got the award, nominated, or ‘just’ invited to the event (Hello Aziatix! ^^).

For me, the Grammy Awards was like waking me up from this ‘beautiful’ dream. Me, just like most women, paid attention to the fashion style of the guests. Sparkling dresses and fancy shoes are everywhere, right? But this time, my feeling towards it got a little bit different. It’s like something that very awkward when I see this article.
Surely there’s nothing wrong with them. They are fabulous after all and I heart their art, whatever it is. It’s just… when I see them, I feel like…”God, why they look so…..fat?”

BEFORE I CONTINUE THIS, COULD YOU PLEASE JUST READ IT UNTIL THE ENDING? I really appreciate it, yes, before you swearing at me. Thanks.

I am not that skinny tall girl, though. If you care to know, I’m 155/52 and I don’t have any intention to insult those gorgeous ladies. I just want to share my thoughts. That’s all.

So this thought came at my mind, and I was just realized that these last two years, it’s been changed. The idea about “ideal body” has changed because I have been exposed with different people, different trend, different…music genre.

‘Blame’ K-pop who changed my mind.

Like it or not, K-pop changed how we think about “how a beautiful girl should look like”. Hallyu wave is all around the world now so we can find fans and supporters everywhere. More, television and internet get us closer with this insight.

I don’t mean that American culture didn’t teach us once, but I see more variations in American culture. Even at the moment, I guess the curvier a woman is, the sexier she is. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and the list go on.

Some weeks ago, I watched Lee Hi from YG Entertainment. She has a catchy single, powerful voice, unique outfit just like other YG artists. But after all, she catches the attention because she is…curvy. And yes, it makes her looks REAL.

This word ‘real’ comes from a girl who commenting on her music video. And it raises questions. Even for me. Do we always think that slim girls are not real? Do we have to be curvy to be ‘real’?

My answer is definitely “NO”.

To be a ‘real’ girl, all you have to do is be yourself.
I know it’s easier said than done. You can be slim and you’re still not a real girl because you tried to change things in you. Literally change. Just like Power Rangers. Haha #failed

You can also be curvy and you’re still not a real girl because you deny that you truly are, curvy.

I’m not gonna say that lose weight is not a good idea. I also did it and I lie if I said it’s only because I want to be healthy. I don’t need to lose weight if I ‘just want to be healthier’. I want to keep my clothes size, at least for now and some more years before I get pregnant and…you know.

Becoming a real girl is not about being the skinniest girl or having the sexiest curve in the world. It’s about being you. Your body is not a uniform which must be same with your school mates. There is no such ideal body than a healthy and fit body, having energy to do many activities…in order to be worthwhile for your surrounding.

Last, and I really mean it.
When being skinny, be curvy or even be confident is fail for you, try ‘be grateful’.
God gives you that perfect body with a reason, as I have said: so you can do what you supposed to do… in order to be worthwhile for your surrounding.

Stop imagining yourself being a Barbie, because after all, Barbie is Barbie. It’s a doll.
And you, are a real woman :)


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