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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hai ke-4: About Being Three Idiots (Part 1)

Hi Nhung, 

How are you?

*at first I was intend to greet you in Vietnamese but…forget it!  Next time I’ll try again*

Feeling good or a little bit rich ‘cause you have a job? XD


My friend said that the expense follows our income. So when you become richer, you will spend more money to buy some stuff that looks like important to be bought.

For me, it was Big Bang concert ticket. Don’t laugh! I didn’t regret it at all, but I always think that if I save that money, perhaps I can buy flight ticket to Vietnam for this year’ holiday. Another ‘important’ stuff. Mwahahaha.

Anyway, just don’t forget to donate some parts of your salary for the unfortunate people. It will bless you and your job in many ways. If you believe it ;)

So, there is a program in Indonesia now, it is called Writing Love Letters in 30 Days. So we have to write a letter – love letter for sure – 30 letters to be exact, for everybody or everything that considered as important for us. And I choose to write for you in this fourth day. Does it mean that I love you? Uhm, I’m not sure………

But I want to confess it, if you’re a guy, perhaps we can end up dating each other. Mwahahahaha. No, kidding.

But at that time, when I accept you in my house, it’s kind of life-changing experience. I never know a person who really likes to taaalk and taaalk and taaalk much more than me. Oh God.

Even the birds, the fishes, the table in my dining room miss your voice. When you talk, you always talk with enthusiastic, making people around you get interested with what you are talking about. I think choosing ‘Politics’ as your major is a right choice. I can imagine you becoming a minister and you giving speech about…emancipation, perhaps.

Well, not only my house misses you, I do too. I still try to arrange my plan for this year so I can steal some time to go to Vietnam. But I’m planning to pursue my Master Degree this year, so I still don’t see the possibility.

One thing for sure, I really want you to come to my wedding party one day, no matter where the place is. You need to meet my husband so in case I cry and sad, you know who to punch.

And you too. Let me know if one day you have a boyfriend. I want to find out what he just ate ‘til he decided to have you as his girlfriend. Mwahahaha.

Okay, I’ve been too much laughed. I need to stop writing this letter or it could be the worst letter I’ve ever written and it will decrease my reputation. Ouch.

Take care, Nhung!
Be good!


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