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Thursday, December 12, 2013

One Year And Still Counting

I still remember how i first (actually it's not a really first time because we are in same school since junior high school, right? :p) met you, over year ago. I just got a wedding invivation and i don't have someone to accompany me.'re online at facebook! LoL :p. So i talked to you and asked 'would you marry accompany me to attend a wedding party? And you said YES. Just a little bit clue for our future, no?
Ummmm...rewind rewind, few month after these moment. After Eid Fitri, i just went to city square, had a cup of ginger milk aaaaandddd, you're there too! We aren't talk each other because...maybe we never did it before? *laughtilldrop*. And it just passed like a newsbreak in the television, we forgot and moving on our life.
Back to december, (hey it's not about Taylor Swift song! :P) we attended wedding invitation and close that day with a glass of milk at Batu Square. We talked about our life, and our plan about...marry? Don't you remember you and me have a plan to marry at the age abour 26-28years?
And day by day goes on, i need your help again and again! * i think from the first impression, i AAALWAAASSSSYYYYY troublesome to youuu sorrryyyyyy X_X*. I need borrow ur motorcycle because mine was borrowed by others *Errrrr can i named it borrowception?*.
And i don't know, suddenly we fall. Fall at the same feel: love. Yes, December last year is the best end year that i ever had. I met the special one in my life, i called him: you. And now, one year after we crushed and together, time flies so fast, right? One year, baby! And we just face it with tons of laugh, thousands story and hundreds future-plan.
God never wrong, NEVER. And God united us in the right time, right moment, right age. Do you still remember about age we will marry? And we break it together, make it faster than we imagine before. I love spend time with you, and i wish i could spend the rest of my life with you.
One year and still counting, thankyou for came in my life. Because you're the best surprise that i ever had.

Because i love you, unconditionally

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