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Friday, December 13, 2013

And Happiness Tears Still Falling

Distance make me have so much time to thinking about you. And i remember one moment that make me believe, if love is still exist.
Saturday night, you came to my house and ask to met my parents. Surprised, you ask my mom and dad to...propose me. 11 month after we belong together, you never ever ever doubt about me, about us.
You, without scared talked to my parents. Calm, slow and sure. You never know, i cried in the bed room.
After few years i never believe in love anymore, you restored my faith. You wake me up from downturn and rise me up. A real man never promise, but give approve. And you did it. You never promises everything but you realized every dreams that i've made a long time before i met you.
Lucky i'm in love with you. Lucky i'm in love with someone who always make my happiness tears falling again and again. I love you from dawn till twilight, from morning until the end of night.

Karena cinta sejati akan hadir pada waktu yang tepat, pada sepasang manusia yang telah tercipta untuk saling terikat.

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